Use Cases

Web3 has many benefits and challenges. The most obvious benefit is the ability to make payments, which can be done in a secure way. This will help people who want to pay for goods or services online without having to use traditional payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.

Web3 also allows users to share files with each other securely and easily, which means that you don't need an intermediary like Dropbox or Google Drive anymore! You can just send someone your file directly through the blockchain network if they have permission from you as well as their own private key (which is basically like your password).

This eliminates any middlemen who might charge fees for sharing information between two parties; instead, all transactions are recorded on an immutable ledger so there's no chance of getting scammed by anyone trying to trick others into giving away personal information about themselves either accidentally or intentionally (like what happened when Cambridge Analytica stole data about 50 million Facebook users without their consent).

Finally: Web3 brings us closer together than ever before by making it easier than ever before to buy goods from other people online without worrying about scams because everything is done using smart contracts built into Ethereum's platform itself.

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