How to use?

To embark on this digital adventure, initiate the process by using the command /start to connect your wallet or return to the main menu. Explore the on-chain world of Nabi Protocol and TONFeed with these straightforward instructions designed for a seamless and rewarding experience.

Feature 1: Establish Your Digital Identity

Initiate Your Journey:

Begin by minting your Nabi profile NFT to create a unique digital identity. This exclusive NFT serves as your key to unlock exciting features within the Nabi ecosystem.

Feature 2: Connect Your Profile to Telegram

Seamless Integration:

Enhance your overall experience by linking your Nabi profile with your Telegram account. This connection ensures a smooth synchronization between your on-chain activities and the Telegram platform.

Feature 3: Verify Your Eligibility

Discover Potential Rewards:

Wondering about the rewards in store for you? Easily check your eligibility for Nabi Point tokens with just a few taps. Explore the benefits that await you within the Nabi ecosystem.

Feature 4: Claim Your Tokens

Seize the Moment:

If you meet the eligibility criteria, don't hesitate! Claim your Nabi Point tokens directly through this bot. Promptly claiming your rewards ensures you maximize your journey with Nabi.

Feature 5: Participate in TONFeed Ad Auction

Amplify Your Presence:

Elevate your visibility on TONFeed by taking part in the ad auction. Utilize NabiPoint (NP) to bid for ad slots and showcase yourself within the vibrant TONFeed community.

Simply place a bid using Nabi Points on any open auction round to secure a slot for your Ad!

**You will need to enter the contract address of the TONFeed post you wish to promote.

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