Nabi Profile


A Nabi Profile 👤 is a unqiue NFT created just for you. Upon creation, this profile NFT will have its own unique address and will be owned by the creator's TON wallet address 💎.

Users who intend to interact with dApps within the Nabi Protocol will need to own one. Within this profile, users can customize their handle, profile picture and many other variables.

The Nabi Profile is also able to store a comprehensive record of all its's user-generated content on-chain. Through a Nabi Profile, users can interact by:

  1. Creating Publications (posts, mirrors, and comments)

  2. Collecting existing Publications

  3. Creating and minting Nabi Badge Collections (NFT Collections)

  4. Follow other Nabi Profiles


Additionally, users can also implement customisable modules on their profile, to set requirements before allowing other users to interact with their profile.

To maintain the system's integrity, new Nabi Profiles can only be minted by addresses whitelisted by governance for now. This approach ensures a secure low-fee environment for the users. Don't worry, this approach will change in the future!

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