Challenges & Risks

The key challenges of decentralised social protocols are:

  • User privacy and data security

  • Scalability and performance

  • Governance and incentives

The risks of decentralised social protocols are not insignificant.

They include:

Identity Theft & Privacy Breaches

As you've probably heard, Facebook has been accused of sharing users' personal data with third parties without their consent; this is just one example of how a centralised platform can expose users to potential abuse. In contrast, decentralization means that there is no single entity controlling all user information--and therefore no single point of failure for cybercriminals to attack in order to steal sensitive data or blackmail people into giving up their private information (or both).

Content Moderation Problems

Decentralized networks face the same challenges as any other online community when it comes to enforcing content policies; however, because they lack a central authority capable of making decisions about what's acceptable or not within their network (and who gets paid), they face additional difficulties when trying to moderate content posted by users.

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