🦋What is Nabi protocol?



Nabi Protocol is a Web3 decentralized social graph designed for the TON Blockchain. The protocol aims to give users full control over their social identities, therefore allowing users to create and nurture meaningful connections with the community around them on their own terms.

The protocol is developed with a modular approach that enables integration of new features and updates while ensuring that user-owned content and social connections are unaltered. This approach offers both flexibility and security, allowing room for the Nabi community to grow while safeguarding Nabi users' ownership and control over their data.

Why TON?

TON is a highly scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform capable of supporting millions of transactions per second, making it an ideal platform for the exchange of digital assets and the execution of smart contracts.

By combining TON's blockchain technology with Nabi Protocol's smart contract system, we can create a social network that offers accessibility and functionality in the blockchain space. With the success of this integration, we can create a platform with significant capitalization that benefits both content creators and users.

How does the Nabi Protocol bridge the gaps that exist in Telegram and Ton Blockchain?

Nabi Protocol's primary objective is to integrate TON's blockchain technology with Telegram, bridging the gap between decentralized social ecosystems and the popular messaging app. This integration is beneficial TON as it relies on the integration of TON DApps with Telegram.

Through a 'Nabi Profile', Nabi Protocol aims to allows users to connect with TON DApps and allow users to own and control their user-generated content within the TON ecosystem while leveraging the social networking capabilities of Telegram.

How does the Nabi Protocol differ from conventional social networks and graphs?

Conventional social media networks face several significant challenges. Web2 social networks rely on their own unique, centralized database. This means that all a user's social data are trapped within a specific network and owned by the network's operator. This makes it difficult to move your data between networks. As a result, each network competes for your attention, leading to a zero-sum game.

Nabi Protocol aims to fix this problem by being a user-owned, open-source social graph that any DApp can plug into. As users have full control over their own their data, they can load it on any DApp built on top of Nabi Protocol. Also, because creators truly own their content, they are no longer controlled by a platform's algorithms and policies.

This eliminates the concern that creators may have about losing their work, audience, and means of living, providing them with greater peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their craft.

As each DApp connected to Nabi Protocol benefits from the Nabi ecosystem, the need for senseless competition is eliminated as all DApps can benefit from the Network Effect present. This changes the zero-sum game mindset into a collaborative one. Developers can then focus on designing authentic social experiences without resorting to attention-locking feedback mechanisms.

Lastly, developers who build on Nabi Protocol will be provided with a rich set of tools to build engaging DApps of their design with meaningful social experiences for users.

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