API Endpoint

Access to Nabi Protocol's API

⚠️ Our protocol is currently connected TON Network's testnet. Please use https://testnet.tonscan.org/ to view onchain data

We provide a convenient GraphQL sandbox to interact with our protocol, you can visit https://api.nabi.blue/graphql to view our schema and perform GraphQL queries.

For more details on how to use Apollo Studio Explorer, please visit https://www.apollographql.com/docs/graphos/explorer/ 🚀

Alternatively, you can also use your preferred API Client (eg. Postman, Insomnia) by using our endpoint to fetch the schema via IntrospectionQuery.


Almost all of our query operations are unauthenticated. However for mutation operations, a Bearer Token needs to be appended to the request headers. In the next section you will learn how to get a JWT token to execute these operations.

Operations which require authentication will return the respective HTTP error code to describe the nature of the error Eg.

401 Unauthorized
  error: {
    statusCode: 401,
    message: 'Operation requires authentication'

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