Nabi Console Bot

The Nabi Console Bot functions as an all-encompassing companion, providing a detailed roadmap for users as they navigate the intricate landscape of the on-chain environment within Nabi Protocol and TONFeed.

Starting with the initiation of the digital journey by minting a personalized Nabi profile NFT, the bot ensures seamless integration with Telegram, enhancing the user experience.

Beyond that, it offers a convenient process for users to assess their eligibility for Nabi Point tokens, streamlining the claim process for swift access to rewards.

Moreover, the Nabi Console Bot extends its capabilities to facilitate user engagement in the TONFeed Ad Auction. This feature empowers users to elevate their presence on TONFeed by actively participating in ad slot bidding using the NabiPoint (NP) currency.

By amalgamating these functionalities, the bot not only simplifies the onboarding process but also empowers users to actively shape their digital narrative within the vibrant Nabi ecosystem.

To embark on this digital adventure, users can effortlessly utilize the /start command to connect their wallets or navigate back to the main menu, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient interaction with the bot's myriad features.

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