Nabi Point

Nabi Point is a Jetton token on TON (The Open Network) Acquisition currency used within the Nabi Protocol.

**For Closed Beta Testing, users will be able to receive Nabi Point by the following means.**

Introduction of Nabi Point Token

1st Mint

  • The coin volume will be based on Nabi social network size (eg. number Nabi users)

Mint Formula

  • The mint formula for Nabi Point Token is "PROFILE NUMBER X THREADS POSTED NUMBER"

Mint Frequency

  • Nabi Point Tokens will be minted every 24hrs based on the above formula.

Token Acquisition

  • Selected Nabi Profile owners will be rewarded 1 Nabi Point token when a meaningful thread is posted onto TONFeed from their respective Telegram Public Group chats.

  • Nabi Profile owners will be limited to selecting and forwarding one thread every 24hrs.

Token Utility

Nabi Points can be used to purchase advertising slots via auction bidding on TONFeed Bot’s TMA interface

Closed Beta Incentive System

Nabi Point Tokens will be awarded to profile users evenly with the following;

  • Calculated by Nabi Protocol and distributed to each wallet of the profile user after 24 hrs

  • Each profile user earns 1 token each day if the user selects and uploads a thread

  • Token Price

    • During Closed Beta, it will be maintained at USD 1

    • Nabi Protocol will buy back if the Token price goes down

There will be no pre-mint to limit inflation.

The mint volume will be based on the mint formula and it will start from zero.

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