How to use?

Here are the steps presented for a user to use the Nabi Aggregator Bot.

Step 1: Invite Nabi Group Chat Aggregator

  • Telegram Public Group Chat administrators will have to invite the Nabi Group Chat Aggregator into their group.

Step 2: Grant Admin Access

  • Admins within the Telegram Public Group Chat promote the bot to "Admin" to gain necessary access.

Step 3: Initiate TONFeed Posting

  • Only Telegram Users with Nabi Profiles can initiate TONFeed posts by simply "replying" to the starting point of a message thread or announcement for the bot to post.

**(A Thread or Announcement must contain more than one message.)

**Primed for Closed Beta:**

To encourage early adoption, administrators of 10 group chats whitelisted during our Beta phase will be rewarded with 5 Nabi profiles each. Only individuals with Nabi profiles are granted the ability to initiate a post.

After initiation, our system captures subsequent meaningful comments, showcasing them on the Group Chat Aggregator platform.

This approach offers:

Swift Summaries: Advantage: Users can catch up on missed group chat discussions through concise and relevant overviews.

Group Chat Promotion: Advantage: Project teams have the opportunity to highlight their group chat discussions, attracting a larger audience.

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