Nabi Bot (Deprecated - Hackaton POC)

This telegram bot is aimed at managing/using the base version of a Nabi Profile. (Instagram-like)

Nabi Bot-

Through this bot you can create a Nabi profile with Nabi bot! However, you must first have an active testnet TON wallet!

Use /start to begin your journey!

Demo Video here!

Our role and focus is on core contract infra structure and SDK for core decentralized protocol. The above image is a PoC of the visibility on the changes that we want going for the Nabi project.

The first step of change will be User experience. Not till late, it has been very complicated to DApps in Web2 tools. With the arrival of TON blockchain integration with telegram, we found a potential use case of telegram as a Web3 tool, AllinOne in Telegram to put it plainly!

We are however facing some limitation to implement a smooth user experience such as the user wallet action but that will be solved soon with the arrival of "insert"

Telegram naturally has a strong foundational basic social graph which has many elements of potential valuable activities.

- Basic : Profile, Publication, Comment & Following

- Extended : GroupChat Badge collection (This is a separate bot for groupchat badge shown in the next page)

Interacting with your Profile


  • Create a profile

  • Connect Wallet

  • Choose Nabi Username

  • Upload Profile Picture


  • edit your profile information

  • change wallet

  • change username

  • change profile picture

Uploading a Publication (Text & Image)


  • upload text

  • upload image with text

  • add hashtags (lowercaps)

Search for Publication Category


  • gives you a text box to input what categories you want to see

Interacting with other Profiles?

Potential things users are curious about:

  • Get information on a Profile

    • Wallet address

    • URI or Handle (uri, handle)

    • Requirements to Follow (followModule)

    • Number of followers

    • Number of publications (pubCount)

    • Breakdown of Publication

      • Top 3 Publication

      • Recent 3 Publication

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