Nabi Badge Distributer Bot Guide

Welcome to the Step-by-Step Guide for using Nabi's Badge Distributer Bot!

This guide will walk you through the seamless interaction with our Telegram bot that is integrated with Web3 functionality.

The Nabi Badge Distributor is a bot that will automatically allow the users in the Groupchat to mint badges of a specific created collection. (need to revise)

Step 1: Start the Bot

  1. Open your Telegram app.

  2. Make sure you are logged into Nabi's Tonfeed Bot with your Nabi profile.

  3. Search for Nabi Badge Distributor Bot and start a chat.

  4. Start a conversation by pressing the start button.

  5. The Bot will prompt you to invite the Bot to a group chat.

Step 2: Groupchat Badge Distributing Functions

  1. Make you have admin access of the specific Telegram Groupchat and add "Nabi Badge Distributor" into the groupchat.

  2. As admin of the Groupchat, you will have to make sure all members of the groupchat are registered to their Nabi Profiles.

  3. Enter the command "/start" to choose a specific badge collection to start the distribution process.

  4. A "Mint Badge" notification will pop up and be visible to all members in the Groupchat, ready for everyone to mint their badges!

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