How it works

Each Nabi Profile has a unique FollowNFTCollection contract that is deployed upon the first successful follow. When one Nabi Profile follows another, a FollowNFTItem is then deployed and issued to the follower profile.

This serves as a record of the follower's relationship to the main Nabi Profile on the blockchain.


This follow functionality can also contain arbitrary logic specified within the profile's Follow Module, and executed prior to follows, providing creators and communities with further flexibility.

Nabi Profiles can attach a custom Follow Module to their Nabi Profile that contains the logic to evaluate whether a Nabi Profile attempting to follow the main Nabi Profile satisfies all pre-requisites.

For example, a profile could attach a follow module that requires a user to pay 5 TON to receive a Follow NFT Item. Failing to do so, the follow request will fail.

It is important to note that this relationship is unidirectional, linking the follower's profile to the followed profile and not the other way round.

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