Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL is a web-based interactive development environment (IDE) that lets developers to build, test, and execute GraphQL using two main operations, Queries and Mutations.

GraphQL on the other hand, is a query language for APIs that lets clients request only the data they need.

Do take note that GraphQL uses Camel Case.

A query is used to only retrieve data from GraphiQL. It is similar to a GET request in REST APIs.The client can specify the data they want in the query, and the server responds with the requested data.

A mutation is used to modify data on the server. It is similar to a POST, PUT, or DELETE request in REST APIs. Mutations enable clients to make changes to the data in a predictable and controlled way.

Database Schema

Our database model within the GraphQL API provides a flexible and efficient way to interact with the data.

Through queries and mutations, one can access, update, and manage the information stored in these databases.

To explore and test your queries and mutations, GraphiQL serves as a powerful in-browser IDE that allows you to visualize the structure of the databases, their purposes, and the types of information they store.

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