How to use?

Welcome to the Step-by-Step Guide for using Nabi's TonFeed Bot!

This guide will walk you through the seamless interaction with our TONFeed TMA interface platform

Follow these simple steps to experience the future of Telegram Public Group chat social interaction right at your fingertips.

Step 1: Start the TONFeed Telegram Mini Application (TMA)

  1. Open Telegram App:

    • Launch the Telegram application on your device.

    • Separately, you may click on the link below to go directly to TONFeed via Telegram.

  2. Search for TONFeed:

    • Utilize the search feature within the app to find "TONFeed."

  3. Select TONFeed:

    • Choose the TONFeed from the search results to access its profile.

  4. Initiate TMA:

    • Within the TONFeed profile, locate and press the "Launch" button.

  5. TMA Pop-Up:

    • A Telegram Messaging Application (TMA) will pop up, providing access to TONFeed.

Step 2: TMA Browsing

  1. Initiate Launch:

    • Click on the "Launch" button to open the Telegram Messaging Application (TMA).

  2. Explore Main Feed:

    • Upon launch, a TMA window will appear, presenting the main feed.

  3. Navigate Sections:

    • Observe various sections on the main feed:

      • "My Communities":

        • Displays Telegram groups you are part of.

      • "Recent":

        • Global feed featuring thread traffic on TONFeed.

  4. Interactive Buttons:

    • Identify three buttons:

      • "Navigate":

        • Use for easy exploration of Telegram Groups in TONFeed and trending TONFeed Threads hashtags.

      • "Home":

        • Directs you to the main feed or central hub.

      • "My Profile":

        • Access your personal profile information.

Step 3: Thread Browsing

  1. Content Aggregation:

    • TONFeed collects and showcases content from Telegram group chat threads forwarded by the respective group admins.

  2. Thread Selection:

    • Browse through the displayed threads on TONFeed.

  3. Read Content:

    • Click on the desired thread to access and read its content.

  4. Engage with Comments:

    • If you wish to share your thoughts or comments on the thread:

      • Scroll down to the comment section.

  5. Express Your Thoughts:

    • In the comment box, type and share your thoughts or comments on the thread.

Step 3: Interactive Buttons

  1. Navigate:

    • Purpose: Use for seamless exploration of Telegram Groups within TONFeed and discover trending TONFeed Threads through hashtags.

    • How to Use: Click on "Navigate" to access a user-friendly interface for exploring Telegram Groups and popular TONFeed Threads hashtags.

  2. Home:

    • Purpose: Displays all your previously uploaded posts and serves as a gateway to the main feed or central hub.

    • How to Use: Press "Home" to quickly access your uploaded posts and return to the main feed.

  3. My Profile:

    • Purpose: Provides access to your personal profile information.

    • How to Use: Click on "My Profile" to view and manage your profile within the TONFeed application.

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