TONFeed Bot (Deprecated - Alpha Version)

TonFeed is Nabi Protocol's main social feed platform. It is a digital platform that allows users to view and interact with content from various DApp sources in a single feed.

It aggregates content from different Decentralized social Front-Ends, for example GameFi, NFT or DeFi DApps & more, and presents the social content in a unified and customizable format through TonFeed Bot.

TonFeed Platform:

TonFeed Bot:

Here are some key features and characteristics of Ton Feed Bot:

  • Content Aggregation: TonFeed Bot collects and displays content from multiple DApps that are in the Nabi Ecosystem and allow users to post publications, comment on those publications, follow or get followed by other users, collect or mirror posts and showcase collected NFTs and Groupchat Badges in one place; TonFeed Platform.

  • Customization: Users can personalize their TonFeed Profiles by selecting specific social media hashtags to follow. They can also customize display options according to their preferences. ?confirm this

  • Real-time Updates: TonFeed Platform will provide real-time updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest content from their chosen SocialFi sources.

  • Interaction and Engagement: Users can interact with the content within the TonFeed Bot or directly on the TonFeed Platform by, commenting, following, collection, or even reposting it on their own Profile Feed.

  • Embedding and Integration: TonFeed Paltform will allow users to embed the feed on their websites or integrate it into other applications, providing a seamless experience across different platforms. - ? confirm this

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